Welcome to CelebDAQ! The celebrity stock exchange - buy and sell shares in celebs,TV shows, politicians and loads more with virtual cash.

Sign up, play on your own or create your own private league and compete against your friends.

Oh yeah - it's free.

Nothing personal required!

Thats right - we don't want or need your email address, phone number or anything else like that to let you play. So celebs can join in as well! (and some do ;)

Not real money!

We'll give you 100K of virtual cash to start with so you aren't playing with real actual money - how much do you recon you can make/turn that into?

Refer a friend!

We'll give you a link - if they use it and join the exchange, to say thanks we'll give you a load of extra cash to invest!

From musicians to TV stars

We try and list most major celebs and some politicians. The list is growing all the time and traders are also able to request we add someone who isn't currently on the exchange. Singers, presenters, film/tv stars and everything in between - if they feature in the news, we'll get them on CelebDAQ!

Whos featuring right now?

These are the top 10 celebs based on activity by media exposure and trader activity

Image of Sam

Price: £70.19 23.27 %

Image of Meghan

Price: £64,570.17 0.43 %

Image of Carol

Price: £275.08 2.38 %

Image of Amy

Price: £413.24 1.79 %

Image of Elton

Price: £1,907.03 1.42 %

Image of Harrison

Price: £265.50 0.30 %

Image of Kate

Price: £19,159.43 0.16 %

Image of Olly

Price: £253.37 1.50 %

Image of Jay-Z

Price: £1,280.32 1.20 %

Image of Prince

Price: £23,918.45 0.13 %

Just a few numbers, in case you are curious

Players wise - there's a lot, it's growing every day and there are 1,545 celebs listed on the exchange at the moment and we are always adding more. So far to date the total amount invested by traders is £2,466,410,071,595.77

Image placeholder

Total portfolio entries

Image placeholder

Most expensive celeb (Meghan Markle)

How easy is it?...

Just follow the steps!

Step 1 - create a login account

No personal info is required (we don't even want your email address) - pick a trader name, a public name, password and recovery info incase you forget everything and you're done.

Step 2 - buy some celebs!

Take a look at the news, or see who's trending on the exchange at the moment. Use your judgement to decide who to invest in and then buy some shares in them. Bear in mind though that celeb share prices are affected by why they are in the news, and not just because they are in the news...

Step 3 - sell or keep?

When to sell, when to keep? - only you can decide how long you hold onto your chosen celebs shares for and when the right time to sell them is. Made some cash? - great - you can buy stuff with it! (like even more shares!).

Step 4 - don't forget dividends and the weekly prize!

Any celeb that sees a gain in their price during the week will pay out a dividend at the end of the week to those traders who currently hold their shares. How much you get depends on how long you've had them for.. Oh yeah... there's a weekly prize (actual cash, not virtual) for the best trader...

Nearly fell off my chair when I came across this on Google! - my guilty pleasure has returned!


CelebDAQ trader

So many years I've been wondering when the BBC would bring this back to life and like everyone else I'd pretty much resigned myself to the fact it never would. But then one day - look what I find! ..ecstatic!


CelebDAQ trader

"OMG! - I loved CelebDAQ back in the days of old - so many memories of being kneecapped, loosing millions, gaining millions and swearing blind the weekly comp was rigged :). I have joined, how could I not!"


CelebDAQ trader

"As a fan of the original game, and now that the time is right I just had to bring this to life. It's been a long term ambition to recreate CelebDAQ and I hope that for those original players that find it, and those that are new enjoy it as much as I do, for those odd times I get to actually play and not look at code all the time!"


CelebDAQ Lead Developer

Not sure it's fun?

Well it costs nothing to join, you can play for free and your first 30 logins are as a Level 1 player. So what have you got to loose?...

Pricing plans

There are various options to choose from - but start with a free trial first, then you can decide which Level is right for you.

Think of this as like taking us out for a coffee once a month to say thanks.

per month
  • Starting balance of 100K
  • Max of 3 trades per day
  • Cannot change number of shares to sell
  • Max of 50 entries in your portfolio
  • 1K Daily reward.
  • 10K Referrer reward.
Register and start free trial
Level 1
per month
  • Adverts removed
  • Starting balance of 100K
  • No limit on numbers of trades per day
  • Can edit the number of shares to sell
  • Max entries in portfolio raised to 100
  • 5K Daily reward.
  • 15K Referrer reward.
  • Access to dividend projection data for shares before you buy
  • Ability to move cash between savings and bank
  • Discount on planned merchandise
  • Eligibility for trader competitions
  • Buy stock at 10% discount once per month
Level 2
per month
  • Same as Level 1 except;
  • 10K Daily reward.
  • 30K Referrer reward.
  • Alarm bell alert next to stock that you own.
  • Buy stock at 20% discount once per month
Level 3
per month
  • Same as Level 1 except;
  • 15K Daily reward.
  • 55K Referrer reward.
  • Alarm bell alert next to stock that you own.
  • Eligibility for Level 3 only competitions
  • Buy stock at 30% discount once per month
One off payment
£ 2.00
  • Adverts removed
  • No limit on numbers of trades per day
  • Can edit the number of shares to sell
  • Limit on number of celebs in portfolio raised to 25
  • 5K Daily reward.
  • 15K Referrer reward.
  • Move cash between savings and bank
  • Access to portfolio analysis data
  • Not included in competitions
  • No ability to buy stock at a reduction